Who We Are


INSPIRE, EQUIP and ADVANCE the Kingdom of God through unified worship, prayer, and outreach unto community transformation.


Common Thread Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry dedicated to inspiring and strengthening the Body of Messiah through worship, prayer, teaching and prophetic proclamation city by city, community by community unto the advancing of the Kingdom of God. We gather extensively with local pastors, worship/ministry/marketplace leaders and intercessors in multiple venues towards this goal. We are firmly convinced that the transforming power of God is trackable, measurable and evidenced by the salvation of souls and improvement in every sphere of influence in society. LOVE this last sentence!

We are based in, and committed to, the journey to transformation in Metropolitan Richmond, Virginia (our “Jerusalem”) but carry this message regionally and internationally. We intentionally observe the movement of God among various social communities (“tribes and tongues”) within an area and identify and nurture covenant relationship with those called as catalysts for change within their area of influence.

Meet the Team

Besides CTM’s many dedicated ministry partners, there is a core team working behind the scenes.

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