We would like to invite you to join us for some or all of this set apart time. Individuals and teams from various local congregations are joining together for 24 hours or more on July 7th-8th to release God centered, God directed worship.

When: 6PM, July 7 through 6PM, July 8

Where: The Embassy 2926 West Marshall Street Richmond, VA 23230

Every person has a unique worship and sound that God wants to hear. If you desire to lead one of the 2-hour slots you can email us at: commonthread.network@gmail.com or Caleb.joanna.commonthread@gmail.com

Sherrie MooreWhen I come to Richmond, what will I smell?

Sherrie Moore, CTM’s Director, shares about the encounter that fueled the vision for Releasing the Fragrance. “He said, I am raising up this house of prayer to be a BOWL in which this incense will burn. I want you to look at each congregation as an ingredient for my incense. This is for MY PLEASURE. I am looking for the fragrance of unified worship.” Read More