Several years ago I was sitting in the prayer room in Shockoe Bottom contemplating the calling on the Body of Christ in geographic regions with the biblical understanding that we are stronger together than apart. It has been our mission to gather, call, and proclaim this message, as well as collect prophetic words that have been spoken specifically over our city over the centuries to current day. In the middle of my ponderings, the Lord said to me, “When I come to Richmond, what will I smell ?”

What will I SMELL? What does that mean? The image of an actual fragrance (good or bad) rising from our city filled my head. What could He mean? He then led me to Exodus 30:22-38. It is the description of the Anointing Oil and Incense reserved for the Holy of Holies. I am very grateful that these things are types and shadows for us to help us understand heavenly realities. I have read this passage multiple times, but this time I was struck by the fact that the anointing oil was to only be for the priests and the items in the Holy of Holies. It was holy to the Lord and to make it for man’s own use OR to be put on man’s flesh was forbidden. I started to think of the precious oil of the Spirit of God that anoints and separates us to be a holy priesthood before the Lord. Priesthood denotes a corporate reality, who we are together, recognizing that our lives are to be lived unto the Lord.

It was the next passage, however, that took my breath. The description in Exodus 30:34 regarding the ingredients and how they were put together to create the incense burned before the Lord was very exacting and considered most holy. It was absolutely forbidden for the priesthood (Aaron and his sons) or ANYONE to make this for themselves. It was completely and totally for the Lord alone.

Exodus 30:38 states “whoever makes any like it, to SMELL it, he shall be cut off from his people”.

WOW, that’s a hard statement. It was then the Lord spoke to me again and clarified His original statement to me.

He said, I am raising up this house of prayer to be a BOWL in which this incense will burn. I want you to look at each congregation as an ingredient for my incense. This is for MY PLEASURE. I am looking for the fragrance of unified worship. When I come to your city, what will I smell?

It is this encounter that fuels the vision for this weekend of 24/1 worship “Releasing the Fragrance“. It is a weekend of a set apart time where teams and individuals from various congregations come and offer God-centered worship that will fill the bowl and release the fragrance reserved for Him. Please consider joining us. We will be hosting quarterly gatherings.

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For His Kingdom,
Sherrie Moore
Director, The Common Thread Ministries

Releasing the Fragrance - Video MessageWe want to invite you to join in for this time of multi-congregational worship in the city. This is going to be a time of worship focused solely on God. Not praying or hitting him up for what we need in our songs, but lifting him up in our praise and worship. We are currently filling our first 24 hours and have a few more slots left. If there is more interest, it will go beyond 24 hours! 6PM, Fri, July 7 to 6PM, Sat, July 8
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